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In San Jose dental implants are on the rise! They are the best and most effective way to replace a missing tooth. You’ll be getting quality care and a beautiful new implant if you come to Dental Implants San Jose. If you have searched ‘cheap dental implants San Jose’ or ‘dental implants san Jose Ca’, give us a call today!

Dental Implants San Jose

Hey there! Missing teeth can be a bummer. Teeth that are hurting you are no fun. Removable dentures are annoying and hard to manage. Dental Implants San Jose the perfect solution to your problem. Dental implants are the finest replacement options that you can find.

We specialize in dental implants so by coming to us, you’ll know you’re getting top-quality care. We offer different types of implants for different scenarios: Full-Size Denture Implants, Single Full-Size Implants, Mini Dental Implants

We are sure one of our options will fit your needs. We have the best implant dentist San Jose can get. If you are searching for ‘implant dentistry near me’ or ‘implant dentists near me’, contact us today!

About Dental Implants San Jose

When you think of dental implants, you might think of ‘new’ or ‘modern’ dentistry. But there are records of the ancient Mayans using a form on dental implants as far back as 600 AD. Technology and medicine have become much more advanced since then and the procedure has since been perfected. Dental implants have a 95% success rate!

We have advanced technology, educated staff, and quality materials to give you the best results! You won’t find a better office to work with than Dental Implants San Jose.

Here at Dental Implants San Jose, we are committed to helping you feel good about your smile. Missing teeth have many side effects, such as bone deterioration, changes in speech and appearance, and loss in confidence. Dental implants have many advantages, fixing those side effects. It’s our mission to provide those changes for you. We stand firm in our values:

  • Honesty: We are transparent and honest with our patients, and only recommend treatment that is helpful to you.
  • Happiness: We are constantly striving to continue our education to ensure we give you the most up-to-date information and treatment.
  • Appreciation: We work together as an office, and with our patients to ensure we have smooth operations.

Why Choose Us?

We have been assisting San Jose and the surrounding cities with their dental implant needs for over 10 years. We specialize in implants, it’s all we do in our office! This helps us focus on one thing and one thing only, your beautiful dental implants.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t wait! Call us today!

We hold our selves to a higher standard:

Office Flow:

We keep our office running smoothly and efficiently because your time is important. We strive to use your time wisely when in our office.


We want you to be able to afford our implants. That’s why we work hard to be contracting with many different insurance plans and keep our overhead low.

Patient Care:

We take pride in making our patients comfortable in our office. We have many techniques and tricks to make your visit to our office enjoyable.

What To Expect

Here at Dental Implants San Jose, we have the best dentists for implants! Our staff is hard-working, focused, and happy to get you the results that you want. We have options for people in all cases! Check out the process of getting a treatment done with one of our implant dentists:

We always schedule a consultation first. We do this because the consult gives us very important information regarding your case. We do examinations of your mouth, inside and out. We also take high-resolution X-Rays with our dental CT scan machine. This helps us determine if you are a candidate for a dental implant and which type would benefit you the most.

Once your consult is complete, we will go over the dental implant cost with you. You can then schedule your treatment appointment if you wish to do so. The treatment is a minor surgery. We make a little incision in your gum tissue, flap the gums back, and create space for the titanium implant post with specialized tools. We then place the implant, take several radiographs and measurements to make sure its the perfect fit. Once we are completely confident in our work, we close up the gum tissue with a few stitches.

After treatment, we will see you for a few follow-up appointments. We do this to make sure your implant is healing as it should. After 3-6 months of healing, you can have your beautiful new crown placed on the implant post!

Talk about the product standards or quality of the service that we maintain.

Mention why customers like to choose us.

Talk about the process from contacting to service done.

Schedule an appointment with our company for new dental implants today!

Services & Types of Dental Implants

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Full-Size Denture Implants

Full-Size denture implants are a great option for you if you are missing several or all of your teeth. This option includes full mouth dental implants as well as small sections (or quadrants) of implants.

The procedure is more invasive with the more implants you have placed, so keep that in mind. Although it can be more expensive and more invasive, these types of implants can improve your function of chewing, your speech and help give your jawbone structure. Full-size denture implants prevent the ‘sunken in’ look that a removable denture can not prevent.

Single Full-Size Implant

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Single full-size dental implants are an option for you if you are missing one tooth, or a few teeth throughout your mouth. Single full-size implants are beneficial because you do not have to have additional work done on the teeth surrounding the missing tooth like you would with a dental bridge. Implants look and feel like natural teeth, and the crown that is placed on the implant post can be customized to match your surrounding teeth, so no one will know just by looking at you that its not a real tooth.

Mini Dental Implants

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Mini dental implants are very much similar to regular full-size ones, except the size. They offer the same stable and strong prosthetic tooth but are less expensive, have a faster healing time, and the dental implantation is less invasive. This type of dental implant would be a good option for you if you don’t have enough bone support in your jaw to have a full-size implant placed. Our San Jose implant dentists will recommend what’s best for you and your lifestyle.

About San Jose California

San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley. The weather is unbeatable, with highs around 85 and lows that rarely dip below 50 year-round. Hiking trails, safe neighborhoods, and cultural diversity make this city popular. The cost of living is higher than in most cities in California, due to the tech boom, but still more affordable than San Fransisco. Many people from the Bay Area are relocating here because of the easy access to surrounding areas, beaches, and good neighborhoods for families to settle in. Surrounding areas include:

  • Sunnyvale, CA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Milpitas, CA
  • Cupertino, CA
  • Campbell, CA
  • Los Gatos, CA
  • Los Altos, CA
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth, with an artificial root. It is a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. It consists of a titanium post and a porcelain crown.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

Dental implants are a long-term solution to missing or rotting teeth, as well as chronic dental issues. They feel and look like natural teeth and they are stronger than natural teeth.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

The procedure is a minor surgery, but you will be numb while we work. Afterward, you may experience some discomfort, swelling, or in some cases, pain. We offer pain management options if you are interested.

What does the healing process look like?

You should be free of post-operative discomfort after a week. The implant itself takes 3-6 months to integrate into your jawbone.

Is there implant dentistry near me?

If you live in San Jose or surrounding areas, yes. We have been servicing the great people of Silicon Valley for years!

Dental bridges vs implants?

Dental bridges can last 5-15 years, require unnecessary work to be done on adjacent teeth, and can be difficult to keep clean. Implants require no work to be done on adjacent teeth, can last your whole life, and are easy to maintain.

How long will my implant last?

As long as you avoid smoking and have good oral health, your implant can last the rest of your life.

Who is a good candidate for an implant?

Anyone who is missing a tooth or needs a tooth extracted (removed), you are a candidate for a dental implant.

What is the cost of dental implants?

Dental implant prices vary from the materials that are needed and the location of the tooth being replaced.

Does my dental insurance cover my procedure?

Insurance may cover your treatment, please bring your insurance information with you to your appointment and we can contact them for your benefits

Patient Testimonials & Dental Implant Reviews

“I had to have a front tooth pulled. When my general dentist recommended a dental implant, my first question was “how much are dental implants?” I live on a tight budget and was worried I would just have to live without a front tooth. Dental Implants San Jose had dental implants near me so I stopped by. After my consultation, I was given an estimate. They had the most affordable dental implants San Jose can get you. They even took my insurance. I was able to get an implant and didn’t have to worry about missing a front tooth.”

Jacob A

“The dental implants specialist at Dental Implants San Jose was so helpful and informative when I had so many questions and concerns about having treatment done, from the dental implant cost to the nitty-gritty details of the surgery, they answered them all! I am so grateful to the entire staff, they put up with the really difficult patient that I can be when I am nervous. I felt safe and comfortable in the office and I am so happy with my new implants!”

Beverly R

“The quality of my new implant dentures from San Jose dental implants is amazing! I am so glad I got them done here. The implants feel great, look great and you can’t even tell they aren’t natural teeth. I should have had this done sooner, rather than keep trying to make my removable dentures work. They provide the best dental implants in San Jose! I also have to add, they have the best dental implant cost San Jose can offer!”

Hank V

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Do you miss having your teeth? Are you tired of not being able to eat your favorite foods? Dental implants are the solution for you! They are the most effective, permanent restorations for a missing tooth.

We have different types of implants to fit your needs. We have highly trained, friendly staff ready to assist you. San Jose and surrounding cities have trusted us with their care for over 10 years. Don’t wait any longer, let Dental Implants San Jose change your life! Call us today!

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